How it Works




Select one of the 4 tee pre-packs. Select your desired shipping frequency. Fill out your information.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Members will receive 3 $20 tees in each shipment for $40. This means you are getting a free tee in each shipment + free shipping.

If you decide later that you want a different size or color, simply email us 15 days before your scheduled shipment and we will update your account.

Members also have the option to purchase individual tees in between your shipments, or add them to future scheduled shipments at a discounted price.

Members always receive free shipping. Members must have future scheduled shipments to receive member benefits. 


Of course, we also offer the sale of individual tees with no commitment,
non-members do not enjoy the free shipping and money saving benefits as members.

The Tee Project - No Commitment
We want to allow the skeptics to feel and wear the quality
before they commit to becoming a member. We are confident
you will not be disappointed. In fact after you purchase your
tee, if you decide you want to become a member we will give
you 10% off your first shipment as a member.