Black Single Tee

$ 20.00

The Tee Project uses only the best 100% panel washed cotton fabric. Which means that the fabric is cut into panels and washed before we sew the tee. This eliminates 99% of the shrinkage. Yes, this is more of a hassle for us but much less of a hassle for you. 

You may be wondering, “Why do these guys claim their tees are so soft? What makes them so special?” Well here is your answer, we use 30 single combed ring spun cotton, the fabric is dyed and then finished with an enzyme wash and silicon softeners. After the first treatments and wash the fabric is laundered a second time with extra silicone softeners to give it the extra soft feeling we all love so much. This also eliminates most of the shrinkage in the fabric. We have been in the tee shirt business a long time, and we stand by our tee as being the absolute softest, best fitting tee for the value. Please see our fit guide for sizing.


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